Lauderdale County S.P.A.N Program

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                      Lauderdale County S.P.A.N Program "Bridging the Gap"

One of our former students bowls a perfect game.







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Intent of S.P.A.N.


 The intent of S.P.A.N. is to prevent these youth from having future involvement with the justice system by developing social, behavioral, academic, and family skills needed to become productive members of the community.


Programs Goals

1. To demonstrate that 70% of youth enrolled will lack adjudications and/or convictions for new offenses occuring from the date of enrollment in S.P.A.N. to one full year after exiting the program.

2. To demonstrate that 80% of youth enrolled in S.P.A.N. will be successfully diverted from commitment to the State Department of Youth Services.

3. To demonstrate 50% less cost to the state in providing comprehensive services to these youth when compared to the institutional costs.


Target Group

S.P.A.N. serves youth that are involved with the Juvenile/ Family court system

. Average Age 15.5 years old.

. 68% Male.

. Only 13% reside with both parents.

. 100% involved with the Juvenile Court System.

. Academically 4.3 years below grade level.

.17% drop out of school.


Services And Training

The following individualized services and training are provided to each youth who enters S.P.A.N.

  • Assessment
  • Service Planning
  • GED Training
  • individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Behavioral Change Program
  • Physical Education
  • Motivational Evalution of progress
  • Transitional Follow-up Services



To determine program results S.P.A.N. tracks students one year after they exit the program.





Program Coordinator :

Anthony Brooks


English Teacher:

Nina Miles


Math Teacher:

Jennifer Malone


Counselor I

Mechelle Reed


Counselor I

Matthew Thomas